After a long break, I began disassembling the engine. Separated the tranny first. Then I worked on the intake manifold. It was rusted so bad it is only good for scrap. Removed the oil pan and oil pump. Started to remove the heads with the exhaust manifold still attached because the exhaust manifold bolts are so rusty I couldn’t get them to budge. Over half the head bolts won’t budge either. I am going to need to buy a few cans of PB Blaster I think.


I finally got around to doing some more work.  I pulled the engine and transmission.  First time ever doing that.  Next time, I’ll remember to drain all the fluids.

Getting a little better at welding.  Still practicing on metal I cut out of the floor.  It is very thin.  Fortunately, the replacement floor pans are thicker and will be less susceptible to burn-through.  However, I still have to replace the section in the rocker panel so I need to practice more on the thin metal before I attempt that again.

I cut out a section of the inner passenger rocker panel and made a patch panel.  I then attempted to weld it in place.  I’ve never welded before – never even watched someone do it – and I didn’t even sleep at a Holiday Inn last night.  Wrong move.  I should have practiced some on scrap metal first.  I got the patch panel in place and ground down the welds, but there are holes.  I think I’ll have to cut it out and make a new patch and try again (after some practicing).

I bought some rust inhibitor and chassis paint from Eastwood. I’m going to get the frame underneath the floor pans so I can weld the floor pans into place.

I also sold the power window motors on eBay for a total of $63.00.

Pulled the door skin off the passenger side door so I could use the metal for patches.  Plan on doing the same with the driver side door.

The power window motors and door glass are listed on eBay: